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Welcome to my "SNLOG" (Snow Blog)

Hi, I created this blog to write about conditions every time I go out to hit the slopes. I hope some people find it and comment on Conditions when they go out so we can all know the REAL DEAL and not some resort website, um, let's just say "hopeful" snow conditions. If it's sketchy, let us know. If it's AMAZING, don't keep it a secret, share it with others in the know. Don't worry, people who dig groomed runs won't read this blog anywayzzzz.


Take a risk today

You may think I’m crazy for leaving this beautiful summer here in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  But I’m not.  I really like summer.  I love the opportunities it provides to meet up with people.  I love to get outside and get active just doing, stuff.  Well, as much as I like that and the 30 degree days we have been having, I also love adventure and what some would call “risk taking”.  What do I mean?  Well, what is a “risk” anyway?  It totally depends on your perspective.  If you calculate the factors, to mitigate the risk, it is called a calculated risk.  But if you have already calculated the potential outcome and know what most likely happen, where is the risk then?  You can say the risk still exists, but to me you have removed as much of it as humanly possible and then what are we talking about anyway?  The loss or the potential to get hurt, damaged, broken, destroyed, denied, left out, left behind, ostracized, lost, singled out, laughed at, made fun of….these are the “risks”, of absolutely anything.  Crossing the street, (especially in some foreign countries) carries as much risk, in my mind, as what I am about to do today.

So let me get to my point.  We briefly examined risk.  And to further make my point I will let you know that the only risk I see in front of me is to NOT get on that plane.  You see, today is the day my life changes.  I am just realizing this right now as I write this, but today is that day.  Why?  Because I’m going snowboarding.  Yup, snowboarding is going to change my life.  Ok, “what the hell is this guy talking about”?  I can hear you say.

Well, in a few short hours I am about to hop on a plane for Argentina, specifically to the Andes mountains to go snowboarding.  It’s far.  Really far. So far, in fact that I am going to step out of my comfort zone of what is known and familiar to me to embrace the unknown.  New land, new terrain, new language, new food, sights, smells and people.  This seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to go snowboarding, and it is, especially considering I live in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.  But this is where the risk part comes in, you see the snowboarding isn’t the risk.  The hiking the back country to find sweet, untouched lines isn’t the risk. Putting myself on top of mountain peaks of pure granite well over 2000 meters high that are covered in snow, to ride down them on a board strapped to my feet made of plastics, steel and wood……isn’t the risk.  No, those risks are all calculated, and therefore minimized to the point of being next to “safe”.  The risk is perceived and 100% in the eyes of the beholder. In this case, in this scenario and in this life there is only one risk, and that my friends is not to go at all.  The risk is to not travel, to not spend the money, to not go the journey, to not meet the people and view the incredible views.  The risk is to not take it all in.  The risk is to do the same thing tomorrow that I did today, in the same way as yesterday.  To go, is to reach.  To reach is to stretch for the outer limit.  The outer limit is the edge of comfort.  At the edge of comfort is PAIN, and at the edge of pain is opportunity and growth, and finally, at the end of that is the reward.  And yet at the same time, that reward is intangible, and as intangible as it may be, it is 100% required to develop.  In my opinion to be great at anything, you require the intangible.  It’s also known as “the goods” or “the right stuff”.  No one knows what it is, but EVERYONE knows if you’ve got it.  It takes years of “behind the scenes” effort and the only way to get it, is to take risks.  I suggest you go and take a risk today.





SHOW ME THE POWDERRRR (Show me the money style)

Hi, this is my first blog post ever and I hope to have many more!  I will be writing about each day I go out snowboarding and comment on the resort, the conditions and my overall experience that day.  I’m sure I will write about anything cool, or uncool that happened.  I might randomly post about music, or any thing else that’s on my mind.  I will make this blog cooler as I get better, but right now, I’m a newb.